Týnec nad Sázavou - New lighting of the hotel

(27. 11. 2015)

Eltodo Inc. made adjustments of public lighting in Týnec nad Sázavou outside hotel Týnec. Old lighting luminaires were replaced by new ones and also the shield of hotel building was newly illuminated.

Invitation to The Road Conference 2015 in Pilsen, Czech Republic

(14. 10. 2015)

ELTODO, a.s. attends The Road Conference 2015 on October 21 and October 22. This year it will be held at the Parkhotel Congress Center in Pilsen. The part of the conference is traditionally accompanying exhibition of companies that cooperate in the construction and maintenance of roads in the Czech Republic. The stand of our company, of course, can be found at the accompanying exhibition. We would like to invite all our customers and all other interested stakeholders to this event. We look forward to meeting and discussing with you at booth no. 37. The conference is organized by the agency Viaco and it is under the auspices of Bohuslav Sobotka, Prime Minister, Dan Ťok, Minister of Transport, Milan Chovanec, Interior Minister Václav Šlajs, Governor of the Pilsen Region, Martin Zrzavecký, Mayor of the City of Pilsen and Vladimír Dlouhý, president of the Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic.

Mobile radar on D1 highway

(25. 8. 2015)

ELTODO, a.s., nowadays installed mobile radar with a detection of the vehicle registration number, including Information LED trolley at D1 highway - 180 km, in the direction of Brno in the area of traffic roadblock. This set will collect and analyze data to the end of October 2015. The principle of this system is to measure the speed with recognition of vehicle registration number, and when exceeding the allowable speed limit on the road, there is registration number including the measured speed displayed on the Information LED trolley . This data is collected and evaluated for possible further processing eg. Police, Directorate of Roads and Highways or The Ministry of Transport. This system was deployed due to the higher risk of accidents and injuries in road closures during modernizing D1 highway, the initiator was the Directorate of Roads and Highways Czech Republic.

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