ELTODO Concern

The Eltodo Group is one of the leading companies in the Czech electro-technical industry. Founded in 1991, it has gradually expanded its scope of activities through its own development and acquisitions within its field of business. Today, the Eltodo Group is a supplier of comprehensive deliveries for electric power engineering and weak current engineering.
Eltodo focuses on traditional businesses such as power engineering, transport, and public lighting, and has increasingly become engaged in challenging new businesses such as telecommunications, development projects and intelligent building management. Eltodo has sufficient financial and human resources for the implementation of comprehensive projects, ranging from design, right through manufacture, installation, and commissioning, to follow-up maintenance services.
The Eltodo Group is building its future on the high-level expertise and professional skills of its employees, and through combining the Czech industrial tradition with global technological and managerial trends.
The Czech Republic and Slovakia are the Eltodo Group’s major markets, with an increasing share of contracts and activities located on other European markets.


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