The foundation stone of ELTODO was laid in 1991, when several friends – experts in industrial automation – founded the company ELTODO, spol. s r.o. Establishment of the company ELTODO, spol. s r.o. started a dynamic development, connected with strategic focus on significant market segments with long-time perspective. After taking systematic steps and aimed acquisitions, ELTODO gradually became an important business partner in the field of power engineering, transport infrastructure, industry, lighting and telecommunications.
Behind the wide scope of offered services, supported by tradition, expertise and quality, stands the historical development of the ELTODO group, taking up mainly the activities of the companies ELEKTROPODNIK, a.s., ENERGOVOD, a.s., Vegacom, a.s.,  ELEKTROSIGNÁL, s.r.o., MIS-ELEKTROTECHNIKA, s.r.o., KATES, spol. s r.o., Enest, s.r.o. and ELEXA spol. s r.o.
From its establishment, business activities of the ELTODO group have been in great measure oriented on the Czech and Slovak market, however, the amount of supplies to foreign countries is growing. Wide scope of activities and large market share mean for ELTODO a stabilizing security of access to national and foreign market.
ELTODO – means tradition, quality and expertise, which is a result of long-term and systematic development of the whole group.


ELTODO 1991-2011

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