ELTODO OSVĚTLENÍ comes to the Czech market with a new type of solar lighting

The company ELTODO OSVĚTLENÍ s.r.o. is starting to trade with a new type of solar lighting, which offer a new attractive design, a new construction solution and easy and cheap installation.

Solar lighting is mainly used for the public lighting of locations where there is no electrical connection. Economic, safety and ecological interests are also a frequent reason for use.

Product description

Each solar lamp is fully autonomous and can be used without the need to control functions from the outside. In winter, the electronic control system automatically optimizes the light intensity with regard to the current possibilities of recharging the batteries with solar energy.

The LED luminaire represents the absolute technological cutting edge in the field, and at the same time, thanks to the biodynamic lighting system, it is the most gentle way of public lighting in relation to nature and human health. According to the optimally selected parameters, it alternates between two colors during the lighting time: white for evening and morning time, orange for night time.

Solar lamps can be equipped with extended services such as CO2 sensor, CO sensor, air quality sensor, humidity sensor. Furthermore, with services for charging electronic devices, emergency call (SOS), WIFI connection, camera system, etc.

The 3 main target groups are cities and municipalities (suitable for places without electricity, such as cemeteries), commercial zones and industrial buildings, and thanks to the so-called modular system, it can also find its customers at retailers or at consumers.


Popis solárního osvětlení

Description of the solar lamp construction

Solární lampa

Solar lamp

How does the installation work?

Simple installation with using the ground screws allows easy and quick installation that does not require a building permit. Czech company BAYO.S,an expert in the installation of special earth screws, provides static assessment of foundations, accurate and professional installation in any subsoil, including load-bearing test.

Anchoring by the ground screws is a safe and accurate method that will ensure fast, easy and safe mobility of the entire product without a building permit. The product can be dismantled and reinstalled at any time if required.

The next step is the installation of mast, sollar pannels and the LED luminaire.

The successful installation of the solar light spot took place on May 27 2020 in our car park in Prague.


Zemní vruty společnosi Bayo.s

The ground screws by the company Bayo.s

Montáž zemních vrutů

Installation of the ground screws

Instalace stožáru a svítidla

Installation of the mast and the solar luminaire

Nové solární osvětlení

The new solar lighting

Are you interested in the offer of the new solar lighting?

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