Information LED Trailers on the D1 motorway

ELTODO Information LED Trailers are used in the individual sections on the D1 motorway, where the modernization is still in a progress.

11 Information LED Trailers alert drivers to the actual situation and inform about traffic changes on the road. Usually 2 informations trailers are placed on the each side in front of the construction. The trailers are the most often placed behind the barrier on the motorway, at the distance approx. 1.5 – 2 meters. All matters are consulted with the investor (Road and Motorway Directorate of Czech Republic), which has the greatest – decision – making power. The layout of the trailers must be systematically correct so the drivers get the right informations in the right time.

List of the current projects:

D1 Modernization – section 02 EXIT 21 Mirošovice – EXIT 29 Hvězdonice

D1 Modernization – section 07 EXIT 56 Soutice – EXIT 66 Loket

D1 Modernization – section 11 EXIT 81 Koberovice – EXIT 90

D1 Modernization – section 12 EXIT 90 Humpolec – EXIT 104 Větrný Jeníkov

D1 Modernizatin – section 16 EXIT 119 Velký Beranov – EXIT 134 Měřín

Vozík č. 17 - D1 km 96,65, směr Praha

Information LED Trailer, D1 km 96,65, direction Prague

Information LED Trailers provide timely information to the drivers about current situation on the road. Together with other telematics devices ensure safe and smooth ride through the sections with worse conditions.

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