Urban camera systems

City camera systems (MKS) integrate signals from cameras deployed in towns for various purposes and access information from cameras in towns and state organisations (multi-functional supervising centres) and in some cases for the inhabitants (Internet).

The MKS system was built as a separately closed system without the need to integrate with surrounding systems. After some time, at the client’s request, we integrated further systems into the MKS. A feature of the expanded system is the mutual sharing of information. Cameras from transport companies, traffic and speed cameras and cameras from town areas can be connected to the MKS monitoring and detection cameras. The city camera system is a robust solution that is able to service thousands of cameras. The system enables access to live images and records during the resolution of incidents. On the basis of valid legislation, only the CR Police and City Police have access to records.

MKS clients (CR Police, Ministry of Industry, Health emergency service, Fire rescue service, Regional Directorate) can supervise more public areas as a result of the integration of the camera point into MKS The recordings from the cameras are saved for up to 30 days (with the permission of the Office for personal data protection (ÚOOÚ). Clients use the cameras in compliance with the rights and priorities approved by ÚOOÚ. Secured images are distributed to third party clients.



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