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We can lease virtual ICT infrastructure (e.g., virtual server, virtual storage, backup, archiving of data), where the client purchases its own HW infrastructure or SW application but leases the infrastructure and SW with the requested specification. The great advantage of this is the scalability of solutions and from financial viewpoint it concerns the advantage of transferring financial costs into exactly defined operative costs.

IaaS – infrastructure as service

The infrastructure as a service provides the possibility to lease the IT infrastructure (virtualized servers). The scalable output of the service is a matter of course (number of CPU, RAM, etc.). Servers can be used for production as well as for testing purposes. The service can be combined with virtualized data storage for standard data storage as well as archiving. We do, of course, offer the servicing of virtualized data storage as a separate service.

SaaS – software as a service

Software as a service generally represents the software distribution model or its leasing (in the form of the application hosted by the provider and accessible through the Internet). During the service, we take care of the infrastructure as well as the SW platform and applications, including maintenance, upgrades and licences. Only the Internet is required to commission the service. Invoicing is variable and depends on the scope of consumer services. The service is ideal for those companies that don’t want to allocate large resources to SW and IT (usually small and medium-sized companies or municipalities).

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