Data centre services

Data centre (server housing) services are appreciated by all companies whose operation and business success heavily depends on the availability of information and communication technologies. These are usually ICT companies and hosting service providers, as well as all other companies who ensure fast-access services for clients. The solution is also ideal for companies looking for geographically separated premises for the location of backup (redundant) ICT infrastructure which, due to security reasons, must be physically located outside the primary data centre. The data centre, also known as a collocation centre or telehouse, is a professional and modern solution for the placement of your servers, data arrays and other ICT infrastructure elements.

The Šárka data centre offers optimal operating conditions (temperature, moisture, dust-free environment) for the operation of company servers and other ICT infrastructure (information and communication technologies), including the highest level of physical security (protection of inputs, fire protection, monitoring, etc.). It can significantly increase service accessibility and significantly reduce costs for electricity and running technological premises. The Šárka data centre is also connected to the backbone networks of a series of Internet providers and telecommunication operators.

Our extensive experience with data centre construction and operation enables us to offer professional consultation and technical assistance.

Díky trvalé přítomnosti profesionálních služeb a dohledového centra v místě zajišťujeme rovněž odborné poradenství, technickou pomoc a další služby.



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