Telecommunication networks

Telecommunication networks

We offer complete solutions in the area of telecommunication networks for effective computer communication solutions. This solution is designed for companies who already have a computer infrastructure or plan to develop it, e.g. connect individual branches, extend and improve the WI-FI network, increase the throughput and quality of LAN and WAN for IP telephony transfer.

We are able to ensure according to the demands of client everything from the design and the construction, up to the maintenance of these areas: optical networks, wireless networks, network infrastructure, telephony and construction of BTS. We install and manage microwave connections and optical connections, as well as LAN and WAN, including active elements. We provide SLA for all these services and a hotline is the matter of course and can be available 24×7.

The use of these products is beneficial in the form of a significant reduction in costs for the client’s computer infrastructure, increase in the WAN network throughput, making communication more effective and humanized.


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