Robotic applications

The team of experts coupled with extensive experience means that ELTODO can offer a comprehensive portfolio of services in the area of industrial robotics. Our offer covers partial modifications (change in production, etc.) up to the delivery of fully robotised workplaces and incorporation into the manufacturing line. The services provided by our team of professionals include proposals for solutions and preparation of the project documentation, delivery of robots, installation and calibration, programming, commissioning and consequent servicing.

The use of industrial robots is no longer the privilege of only large companies due to the increased labour costs in all industries that produce large batches of products. On the contrary, robots can also be found in smaller companies and even sometimes for piece or custom manufacturing. The financial return on investment into industrial robots used in production has been shortened to a few years or significantly less in some cases.

Today, robots replace large numbers of single-purpose machines. These offer a high rate of flexibility, which enables the company to flexibly respond to the fast changing requirements of clients. Typical clients that use industrial robots are companies from the automotive industry, civil engineering, the electrical industry and warehouse management. The use of robots is not only restricted to these areas, they can also be found in all manufacturing areas, from the food industry through to agriculture.


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