Improving appearance of towns and localities

We aim to make cities and towns more attractive to both local inhabitants and visitors. We propose complex solutions consisting of actions and ideas to make towns much more attractive. Our solution includes ceremonial (architectonic) lighting of buildings, special coatings including anti-posters, reconstruction of old pylons, laying surface lines, installation and care of public and tower clocks, installation of gas lighting, street decorations (Christmas lighting, garden decorations in streets), information and orientation systems in towns and the construction and restoration of children’s playgrounds. We offer a series of further technical solutions (lighting for sports centres, playgrounds, connection to the Internet, camera systems, local intercom and pilot installation of public lighting products).

We also ensure thematic lighting of a selected object for important events. We will provide lights and control, set colours, dynamism, time of activation / deactivation, etc. The lights are located on the stated objects without need to attach to the wall or base. The lighting can be supplemented by interactive elements so people can interact in a particular way (through mobile telephone, by movement, etc.) with the colour and the dynamism of the lighting.

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