Design and engineering activities

We have an excellent team of designers who ensure the preparation for wide-ranging investment intentions at all levels, i.e. from the intention up to actual implementation (studies, documentation for territorial proceedings (DUR), documentation for the building permit (DSP), documentation for selection of a contractor (DVZ), documentation for building the construction (DPS), as built documentation (DSPS)).

The comprehensive deliveries mean we can reduce costs for client and save time spent on coordinating professions and we reduce costs for engineering sub-suppliers as this is resolved in the project. We are strong partner and able to flexibly adapt to changes in tasks or deadlines.

Engineering activities include the following areas:

  • Preparation for project activity (ascertainment of the actual status of the engineering network, ascertainment of the property status of territory, affection by construction closure, protective zones for railways, water sources, etc.);
  • Obtaining responses from technical infrastructure administrators and the relevant state administration bodies about the submitted level of project documentation for issuing the construction permit;
  • Ensuring the issue of territorial decisions (ÚR), territorial consents (ÚS), building permits (SP), notification of constructions (OS);
  • Negotiations with and obtaining the consent of the owners of the relevant real estate before starting and after finishing the construction;
  • Implementation engineering (usually before starting the construction – coordination and excavation permits, special use, etc.);
  • Procedures after completion of the construction (notification of the commencement of use of the construction, approval procedure, etc.).

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