Airport safety lighting systems

We supply a full assortment of lighting equipment for airports and heliports for all approach categories in compliance with the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Administration) international standard. We continue on the tradition of significant Czech company called Elektrosignal. This potrfolio includes aviation ground light signals, cable systems, supply sources, control and monitoring systems. This equipment was constructed and tested according to the respective instructions of the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), which documents that the equipment can also be operated under harsh climatic conditions in airports across the whole world. The advantage of our runway and taxiway approach lights is the modular construction that can be universally used and is easy to maintain without the need for special tools.

We offer as a complete package:

  • consultation during the preparation of projects, including individual system and component selection,
  • installation, maintenance and repairs to individual equipment,
  • order specifications for spare parts.

Concerning the mentioned equipment, we hold certificates from the civil aviation offices in the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic and Russia, which are valid for former Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) that must be issued in order to distribute the goods.

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