Mobile traffic management

In the case of traffic problems that may arise during construction work on roads or within construction closures, we offer solutions in the form of the mobile telematic system (MOTES). The system is fully modular and consists of individual modules that can be turnkey constructed according the wish of the client. Individual modules can be independently operated; each module has its own supply while data transmission between them is wireless.

Within the leasing, we offer complete system security, including service or the client can operate this system themselves using the simple installation and subsequent operation.

The system is controlled using a simple web application to select from one of the following systems to operate:

–    traffic management system,
–    information system,
–    monitoring system,
–    navigation system.

After the configuration of individual modules according to local and client specifications, the system is ready to use. By connecting the modules, the local line traffic management, information system, by-pass route system or control system via the lighting signalling devices can all be implemented.

In practice, the telematic system can be used, for example, to calculate and estimate departure times, navigate cars along alternative routes in the case of traffic accidents or measure speed by displaying the speed and registration number of car on the information vehicle and setting the speed limit.

File to download: Mobile Telematics System

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