Traffic operation in cities

We offer an effective solution for municipalities that need to improve traffic, plan reconstruction, develop the overall control of public traffic and who seek to suitably increase road safety for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists. Intelligent systems are created by connecting separate technologies, which can control and monitor town traffic more efficiently. Our technologies can improve traffic flow and reduce traffic jams, reduce the number of accidents, increase road safety, minimize transport emissions and noise, reduce time lost waiting at traffic lights, make public transport more attractive and preferable, and save costs through the use of modern technologies.

We implement turnkey orders and have a highly-experienced team of traffic engineers, programmers and technicians trained by the manufacturer. As a result, we can guarantee complex technical support, which includes warranty and post-warranty service, regular service inspections, on-line access to information on failures, the option to send regular reports, a 24-hour traffic control point for reporting failures and the option to organize professional training for clients.

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