Local camera systems

Local camera systems (LKS) are designed for monitoring exteriors and inside buildings and sites in order to guard important objects or for monitoring special manufacturing processes.

LKS can be integrated into the city camera system (MKS). The system is compatible with MKS using the Geutebruck uniform record platform. The entire system is operated from the multi-functional supervision centre. MKS clients also supervise LKS, i.e. the ČR Police and city police and other IZS users can be supervised in the case of crisis situations.

LKS, which is not integrated into the MKS system, does not place high demands on the technical parameters of the cameras or the quality of the signal transmission. It is possible to select from various types of recording units according to the price, quality, output or application. However, a record can only be saved for three days and cannot be used as evidence in the case of criminal activity. Recordings are not provided for ZBS units according to the town standard.



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