Energy sources

In the area of energy sources our services are designed for subjects, line power plants, heating plants, sub-stations and transformer stations or industrial buildings in energy source objects.

We offer implementation in the following areas:

Electrical parts of energy equipment and technological units

  • establishment and distribution of lines for self-consumption
  • equipment and distribution lines, AC and DC
  • equipment and distribution lines for standard consumption
  • sub-stations, switchboards
  • transformers
  • electrical protection
  • backup sources
  • backup sub-stations and systems
  • cable routes and cable systems
  • all electrical installations, lighting
  • relaying, connections
  • grounding
  • electronic fire signalling (EPS), electronic security systems (EZS), electronic attendance inspections systems (EKV), operating technical information system (PTIS)
  • camera systems (CCTV)

Communication systems

  • telephone exchanges
  • structured cables
  • data networks
  • technical security of buildings (TZB) failure statuses
  • warning and information systems
  • dispatching control technology

Diagnostics and measurement

  • thermographic diagnostics
  • diagnostics of rotary aggregates
  • diagnostics of electrical equipment in sub-stations
  • measurement of electric values

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